MoTeC SLM Shift Light Module




The Shift Light Module (SLM) may be used for shift lights, warning lights or other indicators as programmed by the user.

It provides eight multicolor LED indicator lights in a compact array. The color, intensity and purpose of each LED can be controlled independently, providing enormous flexibility and scope for customization.

A set of patterns can be defined with various color combinations and flashing modes, indicating for example: stop immediately, continue with caution, pit lane speed limiter active and of course, up-shift and down-shift. The LEDs can be programmed in a priority order so that, for example, a warning light can override a shift light.

The SLM is configured and controlled using a MoTeC ECU, display or data logger. Compatible MoTeC devices have special programming functions for the SLM. The module is connected viaCAN eliminating the need to use auxiliary outputs.

LEDs: 8 full color (RGB) LEDs

Communications: CAN

Compatible with:

  • All Dash Display/Loggers
  • All M1 ECU Variants.
  • M400, M600, M800, M880 (software version V3.41G and later), M84.


  • Case size 81.2 x 19.0 x 16.0 mm
  • 1 x 4 pin Deutsch DTM connector, flying lead