Speed Demon 715

Vehicle: Streamliner

Engine: AA/A/B/C/D/F Blown Fuel Small Block/Big Block Chevy/LS

ECU: MoTec M150 Engine Management System with Motorsport Control Custom Land Speed Racing Vehicle Management Software (M150/C125/PDM30/PDM15/Dual E888)

Owner: George Poteet 

Drivers: George Poteet, Chris Raschke

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EKanoo Racing

Pro Mod Lexus RCF

Pro Mod Toyota GT86

Outlaw 10.5 Toyota Supra

Stock Chassis Toyota GT86 & Supra

Super Street Lexus RCF

Pro Nitrous '69 Camaro

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Vehicle: Pro Mod Ford Mustang

Engine:  521 Elite Motorsports Hemi

ECU: MoTec M150 NHRA Elite Motorsports custom firmware

Owner/Driver: Steve Matusek

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Elite Performance

Hairston Motorsports

Vehicle: Pro Mod Camaro

Engine: Elite Performance 520 inch Chevy V8

ECU: MoTeC M150 NHRA Elite Motorsports custom firmware

Owner: Jim, Clint and Jacob Hairston

Driver: Erica Enders

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Tekno Toyz Motorsports

Vehicle: Nissan Silvia

Engine: Nissan SR20 4cyl

ECU: MoTeC M150 Pro Import 4 Cylinder Vehicle Management System.

Owner/Driver: Muhammad Ali

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Fitzpatrick Racing

Vehicle: Dragster

Engine: Toyota 2JZ

ECU: MoTeC M800 Engine Management System with CDI8 Ignition

Owner/Driver: Brian Fitzpatrick

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Red Victor 1

Vehicle: 1972 Vauxhall Victor RX4/90

Engine: 540 inch Lamude Racing Chevy V8

ECU: MoTeC M800 Engine Management System (M800/ADL/PDM30/E888/IEX)

Owner: Andy and Deb Frost

Driver: Andy Frost

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D Bar D Racing

Vehicle: 1970 Pro Mod Camaro

Engine: 521ci  Brad Anderson Hemi 98 mm twin Harts turbos

ECU: MoTeC M150 Xtreme Pro Mod Vehicle Management System

Driver: Ed Thornton

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Rad Rides by Troy

Vehicle: Blowfish 1969 Barracude LSR


ECU: MoTeC M800 Engine Management System, PDM30, Keypad 8 and C1212 Dash Display


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Ironwood Racing

Suzuki GSX-R600

Suzuki GSX-R1000

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The Sorceress

Vehicle: Pro Mod 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile

Engine: 640-cid twin turbo V8

ECU: MoTeC M150 Flex Fuel Pro Mod Vehicle Management System

Owner/Driver: Rod Tschiggfrie

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H&H Motorsports

Vehicle: B Blown Gas Modified Roadster

Engine: 415 inch Twin Turbo Gasoline Small Block Chevy V8

ECU: MoTeC M130 General Purpose Race Package and C125 Dash display

Owner:  Ron and Steve Hope

Driver  Ron Hope

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Helium Racing

Vehicle: SCCA GT2 Toyota Supra

Engine: Toyota 2JZ Inline-6

ECU: MoTeC M150 General Purpose Race Package, C127, PDM15

Driver/Owner: Amir Haleem

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Wavelengths Racing

Vehicle: Dragster

Engine: VW V8

ECU: MoTeC M800 Engine Management System and CDL3 Dash Logger

Driver/Owner: Chad Davis

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Hass Serafani Racing

Vehicle: Suzuki Hayabusa

Engine: Steve Knecum Racing Suzuki 1299cc Inline-4, Compound turbo system built by Serafani

ECU: MoTeC M800 Engine Management System and C125 Dash Logger

Owner/Driver: Don Hass

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La Natty Racing

Vehicle: Toyota Corolla XRS Pro Import

Engine: Titan Motorsports 3.2L 2JZ-GTE

ECU: MoTeC M150 Pro Import Vehicle Management System

Owner: Rafael Famania

Driver: Jesus Melendez

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