Billet Atomizer 1100 Injector



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You need big fuel volumes for high output Methanol and or Nitromethane engines? BA has you covered with a range of High Volume Rebuildable Injectors, 100% Engineered and Manufactured in the USA! 

We characterize the injectors we sell on our State of the Art Dynamic Injector Flow Bench. We test the injectors as a set and provide the data required to run them correctly. Peak and Hold drive settings as well as Slope (Max Dynamic Flow) and the Offset (Dead Time / Battery Comp) due to Pressure and Battery Voltage.

Atomizer 1100 PPH - Volume Flow vs Duty Cycle at 90 PSI and 20 volts

This Injector Nominally Flows 9000 cc/min (2.36 GPM) at 100 PSI Differential Pressure

Compatible with All Known Fuels