Port Temp High Speed Air Temperature Sensor




This Port or Inlet Air Temperature Sensor features a glass bulb element so it can be used with liquid/air mixtures. It has also successfully been used for liquid temperature in a transmission sump. The range is -40 to 300 degrees C (-40 to 572 F). With a nominal reach of 1.125 inches from the end of the 1/16 NPT thread, this sensor was made to be used in the inlet port of 2JZ and other 4 Valve engines where the height of the port is relatively small compared to its width.

port temperature versus plenum temperature
Port Temperature near Valve versus Plenum Temperature – Port Temp is the lower curve. It is quite clear that the temperature of the charge entering the combustion chamber is far lower than indicated by the plenum temperature in this case and would result in a large error if used to calculate air density entering the cylinder.

The mating connector is a DTM06-2. (Autosport Version available)  

Sensor Calibration Tables Below

motec voltage to temperature in degrees C
Voltage to Temperature in Degrees C (-40 to 300) MoTeC M1 Calibration, Others may be similar