Turbosmart Black Box Electronic Wastegate Controller




BlackBox by Turbosmart is a dedicated Electronic Wastegate Controller which can be used in cooperation with a range of Factory, Aftermarket and Motorsport ECU’s. The BlackBox provides protection from the current demands and translation of basic as well as more advanced boost control strategies into a gate position and can be used on single, or twin electronic wastegate systems for the ultimate in boost control.

The BlackBox is a Dual Channel, High current Capable H-Bridge Driver for use with the Turbosmart range of Electronic External Wastegates, including the StraightGate50 as well as our Electronic poppet style gates including; CompGate40, HyperGate45, ProGate50 and PowerGate60 electronic Wastegates. The BlackBox is capable of multiple strategies and will accept PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) inputs as used for traditional boost control solenoids, 0-5v position target, CAN position target and CAN bus override for more our Custom Firmware MoTeC applications.

The Blackbox provides for auto-calibration of Electronic External Wastegates via a full sweep and includes over temp safety features using the temperature sensor inputs. The BlackBox is pre-configured with the flow vs. lifts calibration data of all Electronic Actuatuated Wastegates from Turbosmart for simple setup and accurate boost control. Settings can be adjusted via a simple USB connection and PC-based application, and unlimited control strategies can be implemented with the CAN-based override system which can be controlled with our Custom M1 Firmware Packages


Dual Channel High Current H-Bridge Outputs
2 x Wastegate Valve Position Inputs (0-5v)
2 x Wastegate Temperature Inputs (0-5v)
2 x Frequency Inputs (Advanced Wastegate Position Encoder)
PWM Target Position Input 
Analog 0-5v Position Target
CAN Bus Position Demand Target
CAN Bus Valve Area Target
CAN Bus Programmable PID Mode Option
Factory Loaded PID Calibration for all Turbosmart eGates
Internal Over-Current Protection
Internal Over-Temp Protection
Auto Position Calibration
Anodized Aluminum Housing
34 Pin Superseal Connector