MoTeC M150 Engine Management System with our Custom Hill Climb Firmware




Advances in technology have increased the demands on a vehicle’s components, especially the ECU. This demand has reached the point where a single firmware to ECU configuration cannot meet the market’s ECU requirements (even with increased capacity and processor speed).

The M1 series was conceived by MoTeC to overcome this one-to-one, firmware to ECU limitation, by designing a system where operational efficiency, advanced features and flexibility are its primary objectives. At its core, M1 provides the ability to develop a suite of flexible and tailored solutions (packages), making it ideal for any application (however complex) and category management.

Key advantages of M1 systems:

  • Latest generation high performance processor
  • Large logging memory, fast Ethernet downloads
  • Compact and lightweight in robust magnesium enclosures
  • Supports port injection applications
  • Supports advanced logging features including Pro Analysis (i2 Pro)
  • Advanced security system, incorporating an anti-tampering microprocessor
  • Access log-in levels for multiple users
  • Suitable for modern engines with DBW, Cam Control and multiple CAN buses
  • Advanced logging features, high speed, multiple logs (with access logins)
  • I/O expansion using E888 expander
  • Flexible tuning software
  • Programmable digital input system for Crank/Cam, wheel speeds etc.
  • Programmable trigger levels, diagnostics
  • All Low Side and Half Bridge outputs have PWM capability

M150 ECU – 12Injectors, 12 Ignitions, 17 AV Inputs, 6 AT Inputs, 4 Digitals, 12 Universal Digitals, 5 Bridge Outputs, 4 Knock Inputs, 10 Half Bridge Outputs, 3 CAN Bus, 1 LIN Bus, 1 Ethernet, 3 Axis Accelerometer built in, 6 Low Side Outputs, RS232 Comms

Our Custom Firmware for Land Speed Racing Vehicles is meant to be integrated with a MoTeC Dash and Power Distribution Module to create a powerful and World Record Setting Vehicle Management System.

A Few Included Strategies (but not limited to)

  • Fuel and Ignition Control for 1 to 10 Cylinders
  • Closed Loop Fuel Control – Dual Bank Control
  • Knock Control (Up to 4 Sensors)
  • Idle Control – Idle Bypass, Drive By Wire and Ignition Advance
  • Drive By Wire Capable
  • Safety System for several engine inputs (Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Air Temperature) to help safeguard engine against damage
  • Driver Warning Alarms on Driver Display
  • Paddle Shift Sequential Gearbox Support
  • Anti-Lag and Launch Control
  • Vehicle Speed Limit Control
  • Open Loop Boost Control (Independent per Bank)


This package includes Level 3 Logging and Pro Analysis plus our Custom Firmware tailored to suit your specific application.

Used by Fastest Pastor and his LMP3 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Monster.

Following is a sampling of Inputs to the ECU;

  • Throttle Position
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Exhaust Manifold Pressure (Bank 1 and 2)
  • Exhaust Temperature (per cylinder)
  • Exhaust Lambda (Air Fuel Ratio) per cylinder or Bank to Bank
  • Fuel Rail Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Crankcase Pressure
  • Ambient Air Pressure
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • Compressor Outlet Temperature
  • Compressor Outlet Pressure
  • Engine Coolant Pressure
  • Engine Speed
  • Cam Position
  • Throttle Pedal Position
  • Throttle Servo Position
  • Ground Speed
  • GPS Speed
  • Drive Wheel Speed
  • Suspension Damper Position
  • Turbocharger Speed Bank 1
  • Turbocharger Speed Bank 2
  • Steering Angle
  • Driver Shift Switch (Paddle Up and Down)
  • Turbocharger Outlet Pressure
  • Turbocharger Outlet Temperature
  • Lateral G Force
  • Longitudinal G Force
  • Vertical G Force
  • Electrical System Current Draw per circuit (45 Channels)