MoTeC E888 CAN I/O Expansion Module




The E888 Expander module is designed to increase the I/O (input/output) capacity of MoTeC products.

With CAN connectivity and a number of configurable inputs and outputs, they provide customers with greater flexibility to add sensors, customise channels and control more auxiliary functions.

The E888 expander inputs Include 8 Thermocouple Inputs (EGT), 8 AV Variable Voltage Inputs (can be used as Temp with external 1K Pullup) along with a couple of Digital Inputs for Speed or Switch Signals

E888 is part of our Comprehensive Vehicle Management System.

Compatible with

  • C12X Dash Display/Loggers
  • M1 Series ECU – one E888



  •  8 x analogue voltage inputs, 10 bit (4.9 mV) resolution 0 to 5 V, suitable for potentiometers, voltage output sensors and variable resistance (temperature) sensors
  • 8 x thermocouple inputs, 1 °C resolution suits K type thermocouples (-200 to 1250 °C)
  • 2 x cold junction compensation thermistor inputs
  • 4 x digital inputs with frequency measurement and switched capability
  • 2 x switch inputs
  • Update rate for all inputs 200 Hz, for a second expander 50 Hz


  • 8 x PWM outputs
    individually controllable for frequency and duty cycle.
    • 4 x adjustable duty cycle 0 to 100% in 255 steps and frequency range from 8 Hz to 5 kHz
    • 4 x adjustable duty cycle 0 to 100% in 20 steps and frequency range from 1 Hz to 100 Hz


  • CAN bus used for communicating to the data acquisition, display or ECU and to the PC during calibration and firmware upgrades


Configured as part of the configuration for the connected ECU or data logger.


  • Case size 99 x 105 x 40 mm
  • Weight
    • 310 gram
  • Connectors 
    • two part 60 pin waterproof connector with gold plated contacts