Dynamic Fuel Injector Flow Testing

We offer Injector Testing Services on our in house Dynamic Injector Test rig for our clients. Flow Rates up to 10000 cc/min can be tested at pressures ranging from 3 bar to 10 bar at any battery voltage between 6 and 24. We can characterize the injectors and then use the data in our custom software packages to provide extremely precise fuel metering control because the proper data is available for the ECU to use.

Often times, injectors which are seemingly identical when tested using a static or wide open flow test or by measuring with a graduated cylinder are nowhere near the same when tested in the type of setting they will be used in on an operating engine. Below is a screen capture from two injectors who have identical static flow rate (Wide Open not pulsing) at the upper right corner of the graph yet exhibit two different flow rates when tested over their entire operating range.

Extremely accurate fuel flow metering equipment and data logging devices are required for this type of testing. We are one of the few in our industry who have the equipment and know how to provide this service.

We can account for all known fuel types including Gasoline, Methanol and Nitromethane.