MoTeC Lambda to CAN (LTC) Module – NTK UEGO Variant




MoTeC’s LTC NTK (Lambda to CAN) modules monitor, control and diagnose NTK Lambda sensors, transmitting readings on a CAN bus. When multiple LTC NTKs are used, up to 32 Lambda sensors can be configured on a single CAN bus, allowing an ECU or logging device to simultaneously monitor numerous Lambda sensors. When combined with our Custom Sensor Calibration Table – Lambdas as rich as .45 can be derived from this sensor.

This sensor is recommended for Leaded Racing Fuels as well as Methanol and Nitromethane. Up to 12 LTCN can be used together for individual cylinder lambda control with our Custom M1 Engine Management Firmware Packages.

Sensor’s compatibility:

  • NTK, 5 wire sensor


  • 1 x NTK Lambda sensor
  • Power supply voltage 11 V – 20 V
  • Power supply current 110 mA typical plus the sensor heater current (heater current is typically 0.5 A – 1 A and up to 2 A on startup)


  • 1 x CAN at 1 Mbit/sec


  • 1 x 4 pin male DTM connector (power/CAN)
  • 1 x mating connector for NTK Lambda sensor


  • Dimensions 38 x 26 x 14 mm excluding wiring looms and connectors
  • Weight 62 grams
  • Maximum ambient temperature 100 °C