10 Bar MAP Sensor




Our 10 Bar Absolute (0-150 PSIA) MAP Sensor is just the ticket for highly boosted racing engines which routinely see more than the standard 6 or 7 bar boost common on today’s drag race engines. This sensor is repeatable and has the range to support most heavily modified and highly boosted engines up to 135 PSI Boost Pressure above atmospheric. The sensor is a stainless steel -3 AN Male fitting meant to be connected to the inlet manifold via a -3 hose to reduce vibration. The voltage output is .5 volts at 0 kpa and 4.5 volts at 1033.5 kpa and it meant for use with a 5 volt reference. This sensor has already been used by top teams in drag racing to set World Records including the Fastest Doorslammer in history and the quickest and fastest Import in history.