Wifi Router/Switch Kit




Our Wifi Router/Switch Kit includes a 3 port Ethernet Router with 5g and 2.4G Wireless connection, 2 Ethernet Cables and a 12v Converter to be able to run the Router off of Battery Power in the Vehicle. This makes connection to multiple Ethernet devices such as an M1 ECU and a Dash Logger a cinch as you can be connected to both over Wifi without the need to switch cables to the laptop. It also makes it super easy for testing inputs and outputs on the vehicle as you are not constrained by the physical communication connection to the car.

Although the device can run off of 8 – 20 volts, it is not meant to be left in the vehicle with the vehicle running. Vibration and or acceleration may cause the router to fail. It is recommended only to be used while the vehicle is not in motion.