Red Victor 1 Racing

Vehicle: 1972 Vauxhall Victor RX4/90

Engine: 540 inch Lamude Racing Chevy V8

ECU: MoTeC M800 Engine Management System (M800/ADL/PDM30/E888/IEX)

Owner: Andy and Deb Frost

Driver: Andy Frost

Quickest 1/4 ET: 5.87 @ 263 MPH

Accomplishment: The World’s Quickest and Fastest “Really” Street Legal Pro Mod. Yes that is right Red Victor 3 has passed and been certified road worthy by the the highly scrutineered UK IVA Test, a certification of Road Worthiness required by manufacturers for road cars in the UK. Not Only did it pass that, but based on its recent 250.92 MPH Speed clocking it is now the fastest Pro Mod in the United Kingdom as well!